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Want Those Perfect Eyebrows, Here Are 10 Mistakes You Should Stop Making


Want Those Perfect Eyebrows, Here Are 10 Mistakes You Should Stop Making

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You’ll agree getting the perfect eyebrows is usually the major highlight of any makeup or makeover, the slightest errors can make all the difference to how you look after all the face beat.In order to avoid poorly shaped eyebrows, then you should avoiding making the 10 mistakes listed below:

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1. Trying to match hair and eyebrow colour exactly

Just because you’ve bleached your hair, doesn’t mean that you should bleach your eyebrows! Eyebrows don’t always match hair colour exactly, so choose eyebrow pencil colours that compliment your hair colour, usually a shade or two darker for blondes, and one or a couples of shades lighter for brunettes.

2. Trying to make twins out of sisters

Trying to match eyebrow shapes exactly is another eyebrow mistake. Nature is rarely perfectly symmetrical, so don’t try too hard to make the shape of your eyebrows identical. If you do, you will probably end up over plucking.

3. Making eyebrows too harsh

Applying too much brow pencil is a common mistake. To avoid thick eyebrows that look like they’ve been painted on, a few light strokes with the pencil will do. Avoid sharp, angular lines too, they just look unnatural.

4. Chopping off the tails

If you hold a pencil, diagonally from the outside corner of your eye, the point at which the pencil crosses the brow is where the tail should end. A lot of women over pluck the tails of their eyebrows and end up looking like they have only half a brow.

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5. Over plucking habit

Tweezing your eyebrows can be a habit. Plucking out the stray hairs every day can gradually reduce the size of your brows. Experts recommend waiting for your brows to grow a bit, before you pluck, so that you can get a more even shape.

6. Looking constantly grumpy or perpetually surprised can happen when you miss the arch

Missing the arch is another one of common eyebrow mistakes. The natural arch of the brow is not necessarily the centre; it is usually about two thirds of the way from the inside of the eyebrow. If you get the peak of the arch too high, then you will look like you are constantly surprised, if you get too low, you will look constantly grumpy!

7. Defining your brows before doing all your makeup

It is easier to get the shade of brows right, once you have done the rest of your makeup. If you do your brows first, then you are quite likely to apply too little colour and they will look thin and undefined.

8. Over widening the gap

If you have brows that grow too close together, then the way to tell where the brow should start is to hold a pencil vertically from you tear duct to the brow, and that is the point at which the brow should finish.

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9. Trying to change the shape of the brow to look like someone else

Everyone’s eyebrows are slightly different, so don’t try and change the shape of your brows completely or it will look unnatural. Trim and shape, by all means, but sticking to your natural brow shape will always look much better.

10. Using the tweezers before taking a bath

The hot water of a bath or a shower may well loosen the hairs of your eyebrows and some hairs may fall out naturally. It is better not to tweeze just before taking your bath or you might lose more hairs, than you bargained for.


Source – Beautyandtips

Photo credit – Onobello, Dorannebeauty, JoyceJacobBeauty

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