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(Video) Men’s Shoe Guide: How To Lace Derby Shoes – Criss-Cross Lacing or Bar Lacing

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(Video) Men’s Shoe Guide: How To Lace Derby Shoes – Criss-Cross Lacing or Bar Lacing

It’s all about shoes today and first stop is teaching you how lace derby shoes. There is also a visual guide on how you can do this. Read the steps and watch the video for a better understanding.

  1. Use proper Dress Shoe Laces. Whether you go with thin round shoelaces or flat thin dress shoe laces is up to you. Both are perfect but avoid thick nylon laces.
  2. Insert both ends of the lace in the bottom holes /eyelets of the shoe, so the laces are on top of the leather, just like with the oxford lacing above.
  3. Pull both ends so they are even and have the same length.
  4. Take the lace end on the outside of the shoe, and put it in the whole on the inside of the shoe inserting it from the top down. Then put the lace end from the inside to the outside whole from the top down.
  5. Now, take the lace on the inside of the shoe and insert it from the bottom in the third hole on the same side, and back into the third hole on the opposite side from the top.
  6. Continue in the same fashion, until you reach the last holes. For those, put the laces through the eyelets from the bottom up.
  7. Pull on both ends to tighten the lacing and tie your shoelace.

Cross Lacing

cross lacing of derby shoes fashion pheeva

Bar Lacing

bar lacing of derby shoes fashion pheeva

Watch the video guide HERE

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