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Tonto Dikeh Dresses Like A Man To Celebrate Fathers Day With Her Son

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Tonto Dikeh Dresses Like A Man To Celebrate Fathers Day With Her Son

Tonto Dikeh Dresses Like A Man To Celebrate Fathers Day With Her Son 1

Tonto Dikeh has proven with these incredible ‘male transformation’ makeup photos and outfit that there is no excuse for single mothers to miss out on celebrating Fathers Day with their children.

The Nollywood actress set social media trolls on a roll when she shared photos from her visit to her son’s school representing his father at the event.

She captioned the photos:


This unusual step no doubt brought about positive and negative reactions from her followers:

  • deoyemercyLike seriously? I can’t beliv this. @tontolet Why don’t u want the whole world to stop laughin and mockin u? Must u go this extent. Please…….recieving christ comes with recieving sense along! I pray for u….with love
  • shakapromise😘😘💪💪💪🙌🙌super strong 💪 woman @tontolet
  • amandajokoI’m beginning to see that you are the evil one @tontolet
  • maryazihLove u tonto😂😂😂
  • the_real_ogechiMy super lady, the lord is ur strength.
  • adeoluremiI’m highly a gud example of a super ya loads
  • josephineletonThis is so touching. I hate to see where misunderstanding in marriage affects INNOCENT children negatively. Tonto pls be strong ok #GOD is watching!
  • adeoluremiAlhaji Tonto….rankadede
  • kingsatlawDon’t drag that poor boy into your acrimonious relationship with his father. He needs both parents to have a balanced childhood. You may not understand the psychological effect of your actions. You can’t play the role of a father in his life no mater your posturing. Both of you should keep your egos aside and work together for the interest of your child.
  • dolsdolsSo sad women are each other’s undoing. You see a brave move and all these ladies are doing is condemning her. It always will come around to hunt you, yes it will. How do you know his father wanted to be there. What if he said he was busy? So being strong for your child is a crime. SMH
  • king_jacyMy God this is priceless
  • adisa204Women stop bringing each other down
  • prettydiamond2016Feel like hugging you. What a man can do woman can do it more better. We shouldn’t judge the destiny of the child because his destiny is very bright. With or without Meat
  • chidinmaberry4ma what exactly are trying to prove,think about what you are doing.
  • sabbyuniqueThis brought tears to my eye. Not everyone would understand how much pain she is going through as a single mother. I admire your courage . May God strengthen you @tontolet. Who says she cannot play the role of a father and a mother? Well, my mum did and she played both roles successfully.
  • aniagbalovethShe can not play d role of a fada kus dts nt d way God made it..
  • marthasagayLet’s be real,,, if the father had so much interest in the sons welfare then he ought to know his school calender and as such come around for him. Obviously she wouldn’t call him up,, but it’s his responsibility to know about the lil man,,, the school won’t deprive him of that,,,, and before we run and knock her down let’s realise how much effort she is putting to make her son happy,,, let’s not take sides here,,, but let’s evaluate the circumstances with caution and put ourselves in their shoes……
  • eddyuko2014I hope u knw what ur doing?? Remember his father is still alive
  • ayam_ladeAll these people here typing without thinking, I hope you put yourself in her shoes first? Who says a woman can’t play the role of a mother and father at the same time, please spit the shit out. I think she’s going to extra length for her son, and please what’s the role of a father? coz I don’t think I know it, i think it’s a father that can’t play the role of a mother, because a mother impact in her child is irreplaceable
  • debbywhytThis brought tears to my eyes….God bless u ma
  • mzznaomiyungLovely and inspiring to all strong women
  • lady___zeeeI can’t Call this Sacrifice, Sacrifice is when you Swallow your pride and Contact your Husband to attend his Son’s Father’s Day. I believe he will not refuse, even if he does, your Brother or a Male Relation can act on your behalf. This is just for Show up I guess.
  • tempt_ixyYou really inspire me totolet. It can be painful but you had no other choice.
  • mhiz_goldberryI have goose bumps tho…we need more bold women
  • ihedaddy@lady___zeee , did i hear you say “contact your husband to attend his son’s father’s day?” #smh#No responsible father would wait to be contacted to be a part of his child’s life.
  • zake93I am proud of you @tontolet the world may not understand your actions (because they dont understand a mothers love, or how important it is to protect and give her child only the best) niether might you son right now, but in future he will and will love u back even more… Thank you for being brave too…
  • yungprince17Ha ha ha man so now she doesn’t want to be a woman eny more right God will help are oo
  • marthatomato@vornehmgold get married and feel her little pain before talking rubbish. Oh..she got pride while her spouse didn’t, interesting🙉
See more photos below:

Tonto Dikeh Dresses Like A Man To Celebrate Fathers Day With Her Son 2 Tonto Dikeh Dresses Like A Man To Celebrate Fathers Day With Her Son 3

Tonto also shared this video of more photos:


Makeup – Vugo24

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