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Tips For Choosing The Right Colour Of Contact Lenses For Your Skin Tone


Tips For Choosing The Right Colour Of Contact Lenses For Your Skin Tone

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There are many reasons why contact lenses are popular, not only do they enhance the colour of your eyes, they are also more comfortable than glasses (if you are choosing prescription contacts). In choosing coloured contacts however, there are tips you should consider before you make your choice of colour because they have varying effects on people. Two major factors to consider when choosing your contact lenses are your skin and hair colour.

Find below tips to follow based on your skin colour.

Fair Skin:

fair skin contacts

You are in luck if you have a fair skin because almost any eye contsct would fit your skin tone. Choosing colours in shades of blue or gray would have a dazzling effect and add class to your eyes. If you are the more daring type, you can opt for purple, acqua or turquoise because they make you stand out.

Medium/Tanned Skin:

tanned skin contacts fashionpheeva

If you have brown skin, what you need is bright coloured contact lenses that will make your eyes glowier than your complexion. A colour like bright blue wouldn’t be suitable for you like the fair skinned person but something like brown or gray would be just perfect for you. Be sure that they are a slightly different shade than your eyeshadow to make your irises pop.

Dark Skin:

dark skinned contacts fashionpheeva

For a dark skinned person, you can choose from a variety of colours depending on the type of look you want to achieve. For a naturally sexy look, go for warm brown, hazel or two tone violet but if you want to turn heads, honey or autumn coloured lenses are your best bet. Pink or acqua is a total no for your skin colour.

Enhancement Contacts:

These are universally accepted contact lenses because they suit any skin colour. Like the name implies, what these type of lenses do is to enhance your eye colour and they make your eyes look bigger, sharper and more awake without changing the colour much.

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