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Regina Askia On Her Style – ”It’s Comfortable With A Hint Of “Sexy”….

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Regina Askia On Her Style – ”It’s Comfortable With A Hint Of “Sexy”….

Regina Askia

MBGN 1989, Nollywood actress/model, turned registered nurse, Regina Askia, shares her beauty secret, describes her fashion style and more in a recent chat.

Read excerpts from her chat with Segun Ajiboye for The Nation below:

On her beauty secret

Inner beauty will always replenish the outward looks. Be at peace with yourself and with the universe. Be positive. Let your God-self come through. Let go and let God.

On her beauty routine

My beauty routine is on my website It has information on managing high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid issues, diet and exercise, and so on.

Regina Askia 1

About her Fashion Style

Again, check this out at For me, it’s comfortable with a hint of “sexy”  gotta keep things spicy for your beau.

On Quitting acting for nursing:

There comes a point in everybody’s life when you begin to wonder what meaning you have made of your life. We have all been put in this world to make a difference to humanity and leave this world a little better than we met it. The way we choose to do this leaves us fulfilled or unfulfilled. Caring for someone as a nurse gives me the experience and skills to make a practical difference, and I love that.

I am a people’s person, a social person, and a nurse is socially oriented. Acting is also a way to make a difference but it was not enough, especially the way it is set up in Nigeria. No royalties, no job security, no investment tools for health plans and retirement. With acting, there is the necessity to maintain a front; a sort of image which you could use for endorsements, and so on. A level of “fakeness” is required. Now, where does that stop? It gets difficult to be true to who you really are as a person and having to tow the line of being politically correct, or keeping up appearances, or saying what you think will make everybody happy just to be liked. I cannot live like that.

I have always been an army of one. Like me or hate me, I am who I am. I love the freedom to be true to self. That does not mean that I will completely stop acting. However, you will now know me as a nurse; a skilled health care provider.

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