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[Photos] Tips for dealing with natural bad hair days …


[Photos] Tips for dealing with natural bad hair days …

Bad hair days happen to everyone, even us naturals.When short natural bad hair days strike, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and check out these nine tips for dealing with short natural bad hair pheeva natural hair

Sometimes, it only takes is a simple change in weather to cause a bad hair day. Sometimes, long nights and no time are the culprits.

You know all too well that natural hair is prone to dryness. When your product looses its potency it leaves your hair feeling dry and a little crunchy. To remedy this spritz your hair with a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner.

fashion pheeva natural hair1

When our kinky/coily hair is damaged the ends split, loose their pattern and stick out at odd angles. This means it is time for a trim. Use hair-cutting scissors to snip off a few damaged ends – sparingly. Spritz hair with a conditioning mix and scrunch in some natural oil. This will help until you can get a full trim.

fahion pheeva natural hair 2.png2

Short on time?  Spritz hair with water and scrunch in a little product. Finish the look with a smart hair band. The water and product calms your kinks and coils; the hair band ties it all together in a purposeful.


fahion pheeva natural hair 2



Product love is a good thing unless they are layered too thickly or have ingredients that do not work well together. Either weighs down your hair and leaves behind a gummy white residue. Spritz your hair thoroughly, finger comb your locks then use an old t-shirt to gently remove the residue and squeeze dry your strands.

fashion pheeva natural hair.jpg3



Sometimes you just cannot tackle a bad hair day right away. If you are really short on time and the hair situation is a little too much to handle then call it a wrap, for now. Cover your tresses with a scarf, turban or wig until you can address the situation in full-force.

Bad hair days happen. You cannot always predict when it will happen but you can address the situation when it does. Embrace the challenge. Do what you can and go about your day with confidence.  AND YOU ROCK! How do you handle short natural bad hair days?

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