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(Photos) The Dos and Don’ts Of Wearing Red Lipstick


(Photos) The Dos and Don’ts Of Wearing Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is a fierce look for anyone to rock and if you are going to wear a red lipstick we have to make sure you do it right or you don’t do it at all. Take a look at the pointers we got here for you about the dos and don’ts of wearing red lipstick

Do: Use The Right Shade

red lipstick fashion pheeva

You don’t need to be told that skin colours differ and you need to put this into consideration when picking certain fashion items or accessories. So a true shade of red works better for a light skinned woman with no orangey tones to it while the medium skinned woman should opt for red with pinkish or orangey tinge to it. As a dark skinned woman, wine coloured red or dark shades of red are your best best. You may need to try many before you get what works best for you.

Do: Use A Lip Liner

red lip stick and lip liner fashin pheeva

Using a lip liner is considered a faux pas by many but when wearing a red lipstick, make use of a lip liner. It helps to lock the lipstick on your lips and the good news is that with red, it doesn’t show unlike other shades of colour.

DO: Choose An Appropriate Outfit

red lipstick and outfit fashion pheeva

Your entire outfit should be worked around the red lipstick you are wearing. Yes dear, you read that right, we need you looking your best so you need to wear something that compliments. Red looks great with solid black, such as little black dresses or a suit, and it also looks great with most evening gowns, and jeans with a leather bomber jacket for a more fashionable twist.

Do: Make Sure You Have White Teeth

red lipstick smile fashion pheeva

Ever seen a flashy smile with a red lipstick? It is only gorgeous when the teeth you are flashing is white. Red lipstick doesn’t go well on stained teeth so if you are going to wear red, it won’t hurt to whiten your teeth regularly.

Don’t: Avoid It Getting To Your Teeth


We all have that fear of getting lipstick stains on our teeth and it is even much worse when it is red because it is a very noticeable colour. To prevent this, be sure to blot your lips or you can also try inserting a clean finger into your mouth, close your lips around it, then pull the finger out. You’ll get rid of the excess lipstick found on the inside of your lips this way. Don’t forget to wash your hands after.

 Don’t: Avoid Pink Like The Plague

red lipstick and pink fashin pheeva

It is a total no-no to wear anything pink with red lipstick. It comes off tacky and a visible clash of colours. Don’t steal the shine away from the red because pink can never be as bold.

Don’t: Avoid Other Loud Colours

red lipstick and loud colours fashion pheeva

Red on its own is a really bold and loud colour and that is why you need to tone the rest of your make up down. For example, red lipstick pairs well with light brown eyeshadows better than dark black eyeshadows, or purples. Don’t wear rosy red blush with red lipstick, but go with a softer blush shade.


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