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(Photos) Style Tips On How To Accentuate Your Hips

Fashion Tips

(Photos) Style Tips On How To Accentuate Your Hips

When you have it then you got to flaunt it and that is why these six style tips will help you make the best use of your hips. The tips helps those who have hips and those that want to make their hips look more prominent so take some style ideas below

Wear Tighter But Fitted Clothes

tight dress fashionpheeva

Want to get more attention to your hips? Then you should let your clothes be tight but at the same time fitted. Avoid clothes that don’t fit so you don’t come off as trying to be provocative or looking uncomfortable.

Bodycon Dresses Are Your Best Friend

tight fitting dress fashionpheeva

Bodycon dresses are skin tight and will accentuate your figure.

A-Line Dresses Also Works

a line dress fashionpheeva

A-line dresses helps to give the illusion that you have wider hips than you actually do since they cinch at the waist and become wider at the bottom. It hides your natural curves if you don’t have any to boast of.

Use Belts

belt fashionpheeva

Belts perform a lot of functions from helping you keep your jeans in place, making your stomach looking slimmer to making your hips appear sexier. It helps to draw attention to your waist.

Wear High-Waisted Skirts

high waisted skirt fashionpheeva

There is a simple reason why all women like high-waisted skirts, it gives your body a superb look. You look slimmer, your hips appear wider and your legs looks longer.

Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Pants

tucked shirt and pants fashionpheeva

If you’re wearing a long, loose shirt, then your hips aren’t going to be visible. That’s why you need to tuck your tops into your bottoms. That way, the world will get a better view of your shape.

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