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[Photos] Shoe Frenzy : Here’s How To Choose The Right Heel For The Right Occasion.

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[Photos] Shoe Frenzy : Here’s How To Choose The Right Heel For The Right Occasion.

Choosing the right heel for the right occasion can be confusing. Here are some tips to guide you through.

There is no such thing as a multipurpose heel, and there never will be. Each heel type is made for a particular occasion. here’s how to tell the difference..


high heels fashion pheeva

These are probably the most popular and most attractive heels.These heels are not suitable for every occasion. If you are planning to take long walk, stand on your feet for a longer period or walk on grass or sand it’s better to leave your high heels and put something else on your feet. These heels are perfect for visiting restaurants and night clubs.


Wedges fashion pheeva

Unlike other heels, these heels are seasonal. They should be used in summer and what makes them great is that because of their design you can wear them on almost any type of terrain. You will definitely feel comfortable wearing wedges if you are part of a wedding that takes place in a garden.


mid heels fashionpheeva

When it comes to heel height, it’s good to point out that you don’t have to wear very high heels in order to look fashionable.You can wear these heels during day when you go at the local coffee shop or during night if you choose to visit  a bar.


platforms fashion peeva

Although these shoes were most popular in the 90s they are not out of fashion in 2015. They have similar concept to the one used for the wedges and women who plan to stand for a longer period will find them very useful.


flats fashionpheeva

There are situations when we have to walk or stand for several hours in one day and this is exactly when you should use flats. Regardless of the occasion, flats will always look beautiful on you. The only downside is that you can’t expect getting extra height with them.


high heels fashion pheeva

These so-called sky scraper heels are really popular in the last few years. They can be considered as a subcategory of high heels.You should wear them only on occasions when you don’t have to walk or stand.


kitten heels fashion pheeva

Finally,these heels are slightly lower than mid heels which make them ideal shoes for work or for some more casual events. The great mixture of professional and feminine look is what makes these heels so special.

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