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[Photos] Say Goodbye To Oily Patches On Your Skin With This Quick-Fix.


[Photos] Say Goodbye To Oily Patches On Your Skin With This Quick-Fix.

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Oily patches on the skin can be very discouraging and annoying especially when you are done with your makeup and are totally on fleek, here’s a remedy for the problem.

blotting paper fashionpheeva

An oily T-Zone or excess secretion of natural oil anywhere on the face can make it look shiny, this is a problem many of us face on an everyday basis. You may leave home looking flawless but in less than a few hours’ time, the oil makes an appearance which can give your face a shiny, sweaty look.

If you are looking for a solution to it, one way is to use blotting paper. It is highly effective and leaves your skin looking shine-free. What it does is absorb the excess oil which then takes away the unusual shine. All you need to do is simply place/dab the blotting paper on the oily area.

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