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[Photos] Rapper Wale’s Fans Call Olamide ‘Gay’ For Wearing Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

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[Photos] Rapper Wale’s Fans Call Olamide ‘Gay’ For Wearing Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

Nigerian/American Rapper, Wale, who landed in Nigeria yesterday and attended Toolz and Tunde Demuren’s wedding, shared a photo he took with Olamide on his Instagram page.

Olamide’s Giuseppe Zanotti sandals got some of Wale’s fans tripping and calling him gay which led to another social media war between Wale’s fans and Olamide’s fans on Instagram.

Olamide’s sandals cost about $845.

Read some comments below:

Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals fashionpheeva

  • kingjayfundz_101We dont do that shit in nigeria, we are way too blessed with religious icon..God bless Nigeria
  • lissacheryl@pittishness that’s an old woman’s shoe in his foot lol
  • peacefulprimePlease there is absolutely nothing wroñg with the sandals…. Wat do u western folks know abt african traditional attire
  • _faroukkhaleel@lissacheryl nah maam it’s not ! Take the correction please you’re definitely not blind as you can see it’s clearly for male not even unisex
  • emily_engineerSandals are popular for men in Nigeria , also in middle eastern countries
  • gbear7771@yung_cartaa who are you to talk to a nigga over here if them born your papa well come Nigeria make we fight Ogun go kill you police no go pursue us for here you go die ni
  • reubenajayi@_ohthatsq so apparently earlier, there was a bunch of comments from African Americans calling the Nigerian artist gay for wearing sandals..smh, now they got Nigerians pissed! The comments from the African Americans got deleted.
  • yung_cartaaLike I said… WHAT ARE THOSE
  • harbdulwahhab@ib_bdg_ are you having some beefs with @wale if you have bring it here let’s me cook it ,am feelings hungry like seriously@baddosneh them just dey run they’re mouth #lolz
  • shurlar007Again @baddosneh trending. Hahahaha…ain’t it a good year for you already?!!! #Bless
  • kingjayfundz_101@shurlat007 ur right!! Hes trending over yankee again@baddosneh bless up homie # ijebubreed # ijebu like kuwait
  • yung_cartaaYall go hard over some sandals cuhh
  • richassaniMORAL LESSON: Don’t come for Nigerians. ‘We don’t play’, in other words ‘we no de carry last’.
  • ziandme224R those man sandles lls smh
  • nique4lifeThat nigga sandles ain’t cool lls @wale
  • fatoumattar@feela_77 why re you crying? When your people where making mocking remarks about Africans you didn’t see that. Yes anybody who thinks in this century that Africans live in huts and roam about naked with lions as pet is ignorant, and African Americans are ignorant. If you don’t patronize African owned businesses anymore good for you keep your money. They don’t like us we don’t like them too, the feeling is mutual. I will never comment on kanye’s page n call him gay because I don’t like what he’s wearing. Y’all like to stunt on on everything including people’s culture, when your own is a borrowed one. We actually go to school n learn n understand other people we don’t speak from govt sponsored section 8 apartments so we’re good.
  • lurkbawseIn America a grown man wearing sandals like those is somebody old ass uncle who only comes out to cook BBQ. We think that shit is lame and Africans don’t, it ain’t dat serious. But keep the fight alive #SandalWarriors
  • kachimemehShameful black Americans. We in Africa put on sandals and it’s a part of our identity. Y’all need to trace your roots properly before criticizing@badoosneh aka #Olamide. @Walekeep doing what you do cos you love what you do that’s why you do what you do . Omowale #proudlynigerian#proudlyafrican #BlackAmericans need to ask questions constructively before making baseless derogatory comments. One love y’all and peace ☺
  • tsheykaVic yall Looking cool while promoting ciroc.. Those sandals are .. Bring me back a pair size 9
  • khalifagrammDon’t get it twisted. Nigerians are not bigots we have actually married everyone lol. Paki, Hindi , chinko, oyinbo and so on. We just won’t take it when you try to insult our culture. Imagine rootless kunta kuntes trying to face off with Naija? What do u know about Naija ? Zero, what do we know about you? 100. This is one war u can’t win
  • khalifagramm@princess_nikky1
  • _westmanWhy you all fighting here cox of guessepe zanotti…is a nice design,i gat that before olamide rock it and its cool on native. To those black monkey that are fortunate to base on U.S mocking badoosneh worry dem go soon deport una.#fuckjordanwear #zanottitakeover@badoosneh @wale stay bless bro

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