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[Photos] Pros And Cons Of Silk And Lace Closure


[Photos] Pros And Cons Of Silk And Lace Closure

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If you are stuck deciding between a silk base and lace closure, or simply deciding if you should invest in a closure.. keep reading
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Lace Closures: Lace closures have visible knots and a more stretchy base. It is significantly thinner than silk. The swiss lace option is slightly darker and slightly thicker than regular lace. It is usually more costly than regular lace. This is the more popular choice most likely because of the price difference.
Pros: Cheaper (than silk), easier to install, lasts longer, doesn’t shed as much as silk based, less visible “line of demarcation” (where the closure starts), goes well with any color scalp

Cons: Knots have to be bleached or covered with makeup to imitate scalp

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Silk Closures: These have a much thicker base, which looks much more like the scalp than lace. Comes in the same sizes as lace closures. The material is usually a light color which can be harder to blend with those with darker skin.

Pros: More natural appearance, undetectable if installed properly

Cons: Much more expensive, they shed/bald faster than lace, must be dipped in dye to darken the material if you are not of a lighter skin tone, line of demarcation is much more visible over time, doesn’t lay as flat as long as lace

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