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[Photos] Oily Skin Do’s And Don’ts


[Photos] Oily Skin Do’s And Don’ts

oily skin fashionpheeva 15-09-2015

Knowing how to care for oily skin is important, here are some tips to guide you through.

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Oily Skin Care Do’s

1. Wash with salicylic acid. Cleansers that contain this ingredient penetrates into the pores and help remove fats that clog the pores and lead to blackheads.

2. Use oil-free foundations. To avoid creating more of a shine and potentially clogging pores, make sure your foundation is oil-free. Use a powder blush instead of a cream formula for the same reasons.

3. Use blotting paper. Washing your face during the day can be difficult, especially for women who wear makeup. Instead use blotting paper. It absorbs all the extra oil without washing your face, and they are not irritating to the skin.

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Oily Skin Care Don’ts

1. Don’t use creamy or milk cleansers. They make the face more oily.

2. Don’t moisturize. Instead, use a gel or serum with anti-aging ingredients.

3. Don’t rely on SPF powders. Most sunscreen are formulated in oil preparations that feel and look greasy, so for people with oily skin, SPF (skin protection factor) powders are tempting.

4. Don’t over wash. If you wash too much, you can strip your face of the essential oils that serve as a barrier to a lot of irritants. It’s better to wash twice a day and use blotting paper when you feel shiny throughout the day.”


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