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(Photos) Men’s Shoe Guide: How To Wear Brown Shoes

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(Photos) Men’s Shoe Guide: How To Wear Brown Shoes

From jeans to suits, corduroy, flannel or tweed, brown shoes can be worn with virtually anything. What makes brown more fun than black is that it comes in a variety of shades which means you can have a unique shoe collection. In this post we will take a quick look at when to wear brown shoes.

Business Suits –

When wearing a black suit avoid brown shoes but for charcoal gray, a dark shade of brown works. A dark navy suit is best suited with tan or dark brown while a dark brown suit should be worn with brown shoes as well.

Casual Suits –

  • Green: Brown every time. I have no particular preference and combine it with all shades. Avoid black.
  • Khaki: Dark browns work well, avoid black.
  • Tan:Cordovan, cheery and mid brown are great. Avoid black.
  • White/off white:  Dark brown, mid brown or reddish brown works.
  • Brown: Pair it with brown shoes and skip black altogether.

Sport Coat / Odd Jacket – Trouser Combination

  • Mid Grey: Black works but especially dark brown or cherry is a good color. Avoid tan.
  • Blue:You can wear all kinds of brown with blue colors, tan and dark brown can look magnificent and dashing. Of course, you will gather more attention with a light tan shoe – something to bear in mind.
  • Denim: Basically all kinds of brown work well.
  • Red:  All shades of brown, except reddish brown.
  • Green: Brown every time. Avoid black like the plague.
  • Khaki: Dark browns work well, avoid black.
  • Brown: Brown only.
  • Miscellaneous: Brown is the best shoe and boot color for sport coats and contrasting trousers. Sometimes you also see boots or shoes with fabric inserts, which can be quite stylish.

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