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(Photos) Men’s Shoe Guide: 5 Ways To Wear The Chukka Boot

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(Photos) Men’s Shoe Guide: 5 Ways To Wear The Chukka Boot

I will be running some shoe guide series for a little while and we are starting off with chukka boots. With creativity, the range of outfits that can be worn with the chukka boots are limitless but today however we will focus on just five. Have a look

Mixing Texture and Fabrics

chukka boots texture fashion pheeva

It’s understandable that some might be hesitant to try out this outfit. Vests have a very costume-like, Western vibe, yet in a slim fit, it can work just as well as a blazer or cardigan at cleaning up the lines of an untailored shirt. In keeping with the changing texture of the outfit, a more casual knit tie is the better bet than a silk tie. If you so desire, ditch the tie and wear the shirt open. Once again, the dark denim and chukka boots anchor the outfit, and a braided leather belt could again work in terms of adding some texture.

Dress It Up

dress it up chukka boots

Utilizing the same navy knit tie from The Tie Bar as used above, this outfit turns heads because of the subtle tweaks it makes on the traditional ensemble. When taking something as simple as a grey flannel suit and a light blue dress shirt (keep that fit slim!), use a slightly more unconventional navy knit tie, a pocket square with a small pop of color and those boots to breathe some life into the outfit.

Cold Weather Casual

cold weather casual chukka boots fashion pheeva

In a situation when the weather is a bit chilly, then a banded collar is more durable and rugged that a plain long-sleeve shirt. If it is really cold, then you can combine it with jacket in a neutral colour preferably grey. The combo goes well with something as timeless as a chukka boot.

Cold Weather Business Casual

cold weather chukka boots fashion pheeva

The shirt pictured above is a bit more of an eye-catching, trendy piece than a classic item like an Oxford cloth button-down or a shirt with a simple stripe or plaid pattern, but it’s a refreshing way to mix things up when going without a tie. And the anchor of the whole piece? A classic chukka boot silhouette that retains some nice polish and sheen.

Colour-Mix Casual

colour chukka boots fashion pheeva

A coloured shirt over something neutral like dark denim is always an awesome look and far from boring. You can opt for a popover shirt than the traditional polo or T-shirt. The the light and airy fabric combined with the small print on the shirt above provide a good amount of visual interest. Finish the look with your chukka boots, they are also great on a nice pair of chinos thanks to the leather sole yet the open lacing keeps them casual.



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