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(Photos) Men: Simple Style Tips For The Muscular Man

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(Photos) Men: Simple Style Tips For The Muscular Man

It has come to my notice that many fashion blogs out there don’t pay attention to the needs of muscular men when it comes to fashion. Although I may not be able to cover all their needs, I believe these simple style tips should help.

Size Down

muscular men fashion pheeva

One of the most important rules for fashion is to make sure that your clothes fit and this same rule applies to muscular men as well. Although many feel more comfortable in their loose fitting clothes and baggy shirts that they wear at the gym, it is important that your other clothes fit. Not tight but something fitted and smart looking.

Get a Good Tailor

muscular men fashion pheeva 1

The above tip requires that you wear fitted clothes and this may be a bit of a challenge as finding what suits may be a bit difficult.  Clothing today is manufactured on an industrial scale and items are mass produced based on the average dimensions of the consumer. So you will most likely come across clothes that are too loose or too tight in the wrong places but having a good tailor can solve this problem rather easily.

Avoid Skinny Wears

musuclar men fashion pheeva

Over the past several years there has been a resurgence of all things “skinny” in men’s style. Muscular men will however be doing themselves a big favour by avoiding this trend in their garments as it will only make them looking anemic.  Instead, I suggest you opt for standard width ties and lapels. These traditional sizes will flatter your physique the most because they will balance well with your overall proportions.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. DAVID

    August 13, 2015 at 8:12 am

    Hi, thank you for highlighting this. I have seen many muscular guys doing fashion disasters by wearing skinny outfits! Recently, I have visited Planet Fashion and I saw many outfits which would draw your attention. And I am sure they would fit well in a muscular guy.

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