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(Photos) Men: Quick Guide To Picking The Perfect Undershirt

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(Photos) Men: Quick Guide To Picking The Perfect Undershirt

Most of us men tend to worry about all the details of our outfits like what to wear, which shirt to choose, or tie to match with which shirt but fail to pay attention to one of the essential things we need to pay attention to. Just like the rest of what we wear, our undershirts need careful attention and I know most of you are going “What?” not to worry, I got you covered, just take look at these golden rules of picking the right undershirt.


undershirt1 fashion pheeva

A V-neck should be taken over crew neck any day any time and the reason is simple; you can’t see that V-neck popping out of the top of your collar. Your undershirts are like underwear, they are there to do a job and not to be seen. It is not in good taste for your undershirts to be peeking out of your shirts or clearly visible underneath.



undershirt fashion pheeva

As with all other things you wear, you should go for something that fits. It has to fit your body like a glove as a loose shirt will billow and fold around your waist, same as with a dress shirt. If your undershirt doesn’t fit you, it can make your outfit look lumpy and misshapen.



undershirt lenght fashion pheeva

Get the length right! It is not going to be an easy search but don’t relent until you get the perfect match. An undershirt that has come up above the waistband will rumple up your dress shirt just the same as a loose fitting undershirt. Find something with a little bit of extra length and (even better) a bit of a taper at the waist and you should be anchored down and good to go.



white undershirt fashion pheeva

White is your best friend when it comes to undershirts because colorful tees can ‘bleed’ through thinner or looser-woven shirts. The only time you really need to venture from that line is when wearing a bright white shirt on top.


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