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(Photos) Men: How To Go Bald In Style

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(Photos) Men: How To Go Bald In Style

Going bald doesn’t mean that your style game is over because it is far from over; you only have one less element to play with. Follow these simple tips to look your best as a bald man.

Go For a Clean Shave

2 face bald fashionpheeva

You don’t have to feel ashamed about going bald, instead of trying to cover up your hair loss, embrace it. The clean shaved look is not such a bad one and you will realize that once you start going around with, your self confidence will grow with the new look.

Experiment with facial hair

beard gang fashion pheeva

Just because you are losing the hair on your head doesn’t mean that hair can’t still be a part of your style. You can use facial hair to create different looks, like keeping a bit of  stubble to a goatee to a full beard.

Pick clothes and accessories that complement your skin tone and your eye color

right colours banky w fashion pheeva

As a bald guy, your skin tone and eye color are more prominent. Use this to your advantage. Wearing colors that match your eye color will help draw additional attention to your eyes. When it comes to skin tone, pick colors that offer a contrast.  The hair on your head may have provided some contrast with your skin. It’s no longer there, so you need to be more deliberate with your efforts to create contrast on your own.

Frame your head the right way

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If you’re bald or balding, low hanging crew neck t-shirts may not be a good idea – everything will just blend together. Collars, on the other hand, can help frame your head, and bald guys might actually be at an advantage when it comes to turtle necks. If you are planning on wearing a collarless shirt, try going with a different neckline, such as a v-neck, which can provide a contrasting linear element to the curvature of your head.


accesorise banky w fashion pheeva

For a bald guy, you need to accessorise now more than ever. Accessories provide bald guys with an additional style element. Sunglasses, bandanas, hats and watches all provide you with another layer to work with. Don’t overuse the hat though, use it occasionally to complement the rest of your wardrobe.


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