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(Photos) Men: How To Appear Taller With Your Fashion

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(Photos) Men: How To Appear Taller With Your Fashion

Some fashionable men have a big problem and that is the problem of being small, but then there is nothing we can’t do when it comes to men’s fashion. Nothing short of a miracle will make you actually taller than you actually are but that doesn’t mean we can’t give advice on how to appear taller.


posture fashion pheeva

Standing up straight helps to add an extra inch to your height. Eat well, avoid stooping and always hold your head high.


colours fashion pheeva

The darker the colours you wear, the better except black which shrinks you. Wearing a single colour in different shades also works in your favour.

Wear Fitted Clothes

uti fitted clothes fashionpheeva

The importance of fitted clothes cannot be overemphasized, baggy clothes always makes you look small in the.

Wear Vertical Stripes

vertical stripes fashionpheeva

Horizontal lines make people appear wider while vertical stripes makes you look taller than you actually are

Use the power of V

v necks fashionpheeva

If you are a man trying to appear taller, then V-necks should be your best friend in anything you wear. It draws the eyes upwards and makes shoulders more pronounced.


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