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(Photos) Men: 5 Ways To Get The Perfect Haircut


(Photos) Men: 5 Ways To Get The Perfect Haircut

Getting the perfect haircut can be quite a challenging task even though men’s haircut might seem like a trivial affair. Your barber needs to understand what you want and you also have to be able to come to an agreement of what suits you. Follow these simple steps below to get the perfect haircut.


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The same amount of devotion you will pay into choosing your clothes should be the same amount of devotion you should pay to your hair cut. Unlike your clothes, you wear your hair cut every day. Expense does not equal excellence –dropping by the nearest salon or taking advantage of a student-run complimentary cuts promotion is risky business.



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It is best that you go to the barber’s with a clean cut idea of what you want. It is easy to get distracted and think of going for something else. Know the type of haircut you want to get before you venture out.



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Amid the noise of furiously buzzing clippers and hairdryers on full blast, it’s all too easy for specific requirements to be misheard. The moment you take a seat in your barber’s chair, it’s imperative you communicate exactly what you’re looking for – and brace yourself for (hopefully) honest feedback too.



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Save images of the style you like to your phone so you can easily illustrate your requests when you’re in the barber’s chair. Showing a photo of a haircut should give your barber an idea of what you are looking for, but it’s up to the barber to assess whether the style depicted is right for you.



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As your cut is wrapping up, be sure your barber is taking the time for those all-important finishing touches – whether that’s using a cut-throat razor for those awkward areas around your ears or assessing your hair from several angles to ensure everything is in proportion.

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