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(Photos) Men: 5 Things To Put In Mind When Going Sockless

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(Photos) Men: 5 Things To Put In Mind When Going Sockless

The sockless fashion is not only comfortable but also trendy and has an appeal to it that is irresistible. Going sockless also helps to give your ankle some much needed breeze but in going sockless, you have to keep some tips in mind so that you don’t get it wrong.

Get the Right Shoe Size

right shoe size fashionpheeva

Men’s shoes come in a range of widths from “A” (very narrow) to “EEE” (very wide), with “D” or “M” usually representing “Regular/Medium” width. One of the reasons for going sockless is comfort so it is essential that you encase your feet in shoes that size them properly.

Take Care of Your Feet

feet care fashionpheeva

You can’t afford to have a smelling feet so make sure that you always give your feet a good scrubbing. Getting a pedicure from time to time is also advisable, we don’t want you chasing off everyone at a social gathering if you have to take off your shoes.

Never Go Sockless on New Leather

new leather shoes fashionpheeva

It is best to break in your shoes first before deciding to go sockless in them. It is not advisable to go sockless in a pair of brand new shoes especially leather, that is asking for a swollen blistering feet.

Always Dry Your Shoes

shoe drying fashionpheeva

It is a no-no to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a room especially if it is without socks, give them a day to dry. Extended moisture affects the leather and also contributes to stinking feet.

Powder Your Shoes

powdered shoes fashionpheeva

If you have issues with sweating, consider throwing a little anti-stink powder in your shoes between wears.

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