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(Photos) Men: 5 New Ways To Wear A Suit

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(Photos) Men: 5 New Ways To Wear A Suit

Rather than wearing your suit in the conventional shirt, tie and formal shoes tradition, there are various other ways to jazz up men’s suit. See new  ways you can wear your suit in a fashionable manner.

Switch The Blazer For Leather

leather jacket fashion pheeva

Ditching your suit for a leather jacket is probably a very good idea as it not only makes you stand out at an event but it is also a look that can be effortlessly pulled off. It brings an edge to your formal wear and makes people around you feel your vibe.


Checks And Basics

checks and basics fashion pheeva

When wearing the check suit ensure that you keep things simple because patterned tailoring can be difficult to pull off. Choose the customary shirt and tie combination in favour of a neutral crew neck T-shirt or polo shirt.


Suits and Sneakers

suit and sneakers fashion pheeva

This needs a really trendy person to pull of the look because if you don’t do it right then you are only going to end up being the butt of many jokes. Swap your smart shoes for a pair of trainers. The key is to pick a ‘grown-up’ pair: minimal, neutral and preferably leather.


The Shirt & Tie Replacement

suit shirt replacement fashion pheeva

Instead of doing shirts and ties all the time, you can decide to smarten up your outfit by replacing them with lightweight roll necks or V necks in natural fabrics. Consider light grey, blue or mustard versions for a fresh look.


Black on Black

black on black  suit fashion pheeva

The all-black everything trend has refused to die and that is why doing an all-black suit affair can be allowed. It appears slick and sophisticated but do ensure that the shirt is exactly the same shade of black as the suit. Any variation in tone will make whichever item is lighter appear as though it has faded.

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