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(Photos) Men: 4 Ways To Go Beltless In Style

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(Photos) Men: 4 Ways To Go Beltless In Style

Having to wear a belt to squeeze the midsection in order to hold up a pair of pants is not only uncomfortable but also tasteless that is why sometimes you need to go with the beltless fashion. As a fashion conscious man, you need to wear trousers that are cut or adjusted to fit to your waist properly. There are some trousers that uses adjusters and we take a look at some of them in this post.

Braces Buttons

braces button fashionpheeva

Braces are one of the most comfortable ways a man can hold up his trousers. They allow you to hang your trousers from your shoulders.

The Metal Slide Adjuster

metal slide adjuster fashionpheeva

Slide adjusters are used to make trousers smaller at the waist and it is the most common version of the trouser side adjuster. Giving them a tug draws the waistband together (folding over on itself slightly) to make the overall circumference smaller, and thus tighter.

The Rear Adjuster rear adjuster fashionpheeva

The rear adjuster is more difficult to operate than the metal slide adjuster but you gain some serious old-world craftsmanship points.

The Button Slide Adjuster

button slide adjuster fashionpheeva

Due to its sleekness factor, it is more often seen on formal apparels like a tuxedo. It is sort of like a belt with holes (button adjuster) versus a slide belt buckle than can be fastened at any length (metal adjuster).

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