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[Photos] Makeup Tips: How To Draw A Winged Eyeliner


[Photos] Makeup Tips: How To Draw A Winged Eyeliner

If you have never tried winged eyeliner or  have never managed to get the technique down read on to learn how to create the look.

What you need:

  1. Black/ Brown Gel Liner
  2. An Angle Brush
  3. Paper/Scotch Tape

fashion pheeva winged5

Let’s begin shall we…

First Place a of tape (say an inch) along the outer part of your under eye using your lower lash as a guide.

fashion pheeva winged8

Use your angle brush and apply your eyeliner along the tape connecting it to your upper lash line to form a triangle shape.

Fashionpheeva winged4 Fashionpheevawinged 9

This will give the illusion of a wing. And your done!!

I totally recommend this look for the ladies that just started wearing makeup and for those who are not so crazy about putting on a lot of it.

See Other Picture Guides Below:

fashion pheeva winged1 fashionpheeva winged 3 fashiopheeva winged 2

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