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[Photos] Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week: Day 2 Fashion Designer’s Creations.

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[Photos] Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week: Day 2 Fashion Designer’s Creations.

fashionpheeva lfdw2015

The Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week has designers from all corners showcasing their creative designs.

Here are some of Day 2 fashion designers showcase.

Creative Designs By Maki Oh

LFDW 2015 Maki Oh Fashionpheeva.JPG1

LFDW 2015 Maki Oh Fashionpheeva

LFDW 2015 Maki Oh Fashionpheeva.JPG2

Creative Designs By Funke Adepoju

LFDW 2015 Funke Adepoju Fashionpheeva.JPG1

LFDW 2015 Funke Adepoju Fashionpheeva.JPG2

LFDW 2015 Funke Adepoju Fashionpheeva

Creative Designs By Orange Culture

LFDW 2015 Orange Culture Fashionpheeva.JPG1

LFDW 2015 Orange Culture Fashionpheeva.JPG2

LFDW 2015 Orange Culture Fashionpheeva

Creative Designs By Josh Samuels

LFDW 2015 Josh Samuels Fashionpheeva.JPG2

LFDW 2015 Josh Samuels Fashionpheeva.JPG1

LFDW 2015 Josh Samuels Fashionpheeva

Creative Designs By Moofa

LFDW 2015 Moofa Fashionpheeva

LFDW 2015 Moofa Fashionpheeva.JPG1

LFDW 2015 Moofa Fashionpheeva.JPG2

Creative Designs By Ejiro Amos Tafiri

LFDW 2015 Ejiro Amos Tafiri Fashionpheeva.JPG2

LFDW 2015 Ejiro Amos Tafiri Fashionpheeva.JPG1

LFDW 2015 Ejiro Amos Tafiri Fashionpheeva

Creative Designs By Chyder5

LFDW 2015 Chyder5 Fashionpheeva.JPG2

LFDW 2015 Chyder5 Fashionpheeva.JPG1

LFDW 2015 Chyder5 Fashionpheeva

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