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[Photos] Hairspray Your Lashes To Hold Its Curl.


[Photos] Hairspray Your Lashes To Hold Its Curl.

lashes. fashionpheeva

Don’t you ever wish you could hairspray your lashes to hold the curl? Well you can! and here’s how?

If you curl then apply mascara- the wetness of the mascara takes the curl away.

If you curl after mascara- You’re left with sticky lashes and an eyelash curler that’s covered in mascara.

  1. Apply clear mascara to dry uncurled top lashes. Apply both under and over top lashes                lashes. fashionpheeva.JPG3
  2. Wait until completely dried.
  3. Once clear mascara is completely dried, curl your lashes (if you do) as you normally would. lashes. fashionpheeva.JPG1
  4. Apply black mascara. Your lashes should hold the curl!

The clear mascara acts as a styling gel and holds the curl even when you apply another wet coat of mascara. No need to worry about breaking your lashes, unlike regular mascara, clear mascara won’t make your lashes brittle or hard even when it’s dry. So your lashes are safe and beautifully curled.


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