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[Photos] Fashion Rules For The Trendy Man

Fashion Tips

[Photos] Fashion Rules For The Trendy Man

Think fashion is meant for only the womenfolk? Have a rethink, style is equally as important for men as it is for women and that’s why you and I are going to start  talking fashion. From clothes to shoes to body products and other grooming tips, I am going to be giving you a few pointers here  and there on how to step up your fashion game. Today we are going to be kicking off with fashion rules for the trendy man to observe.

Fit is King:


First rule to consider when you want to put on clothes is to make sure that they fit. Some people wear clothes that are too large and this is simply unacceptable. Fitted clothes give you a smart look and it is criminal to break this rule of the fashion bible.  Make sure your clothes hug your body shape without being tight. Tight clothes can be seen in bad taste so work towards fitness.

Keep it Simple:

casual fun

Ever heard of the saying “keep it simple stupid”? If you have not well now you have! Please don’t dress like a rockstar unless you are in a band and don’t wear too much colours at once. We know you got a great wardrobe but we don’t need you overdoing it.

Make Casual Look Fun:



Who said casual outfits have to be boring? Take a different approach at your casuals and have some fun.

Take off the Logo:

tee shirt

There is nothing more hilarious than seeing a walking billboard. When you go around walking with logos all over what you are wearing. You love Pepsi and no one can take it from you but you won’t see me walking around with a Coca Cola shirt just because I like the drink. Lose the lame clothes and go for something more classic.

Upgrade Your Shave:

Dbanj sahved

Even if your fashion is golden, an unkempt beard can be an attraction killer. Achieve a perfect shave by trying a shave brush & old-fashioned double-edged razor.

Don’t be a Sucker for Brands:


The brand you wear is not what necessarily makes you look good but how you carry yourself in whatever you are putting on. You should ask yourself if you think you would look good on something before you buy and not just because of the designer or brand.


kcee sneakers

Enjoy your fashion, have fun with it and don’t limit yourself to trends. Learn to take risk and experiment. If you don’t try then you will never know whether its your style or not so don’t be afraid to try out new things with your fashion.

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