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[Photos] Beauty Tricks: How To Use Concealer To Cover Up A Pimple


[Photos] Beauty Tricks: How To Use Concealer To Cover Up A Pimple

The dreadful pimple breakout is one of the most difficult things to hide with makeup, have no fear, here’s the best way to hide that pimple using a Concealer.


You have to begin concealing by applying a foundation that’s an exact match to your skin tone on the area surrounding the blemish.

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The texture of skin around the concealed spot will only serve to highlight the blemish.


Once you’ve applied foundation, use a fine point concealer brush to apply a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly on and around the spot and blend by lightly tapping with your finger.


Finally, if your pimple is already flaring red, set the area with a little translucent powder to build up the skin around the blemish.

beauty tip fashionpheeva


You should note that concealers with a green tint to them helps in reducing the redness of a pimple.


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