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[Photos] Beauty Tip: How To Make Lipstick Matte


[Photos] Beauty Tip: How To Make Lipstick Matte

Are you tired of using normal lipstick? Do you want that matte lip look without having to buy matte lipstick? Well here’s the secret to the perfect matte lips.

What you need:
Translucent powder (or powder foundation in a light colour will do)
A large brush (kubuki brush) and
A piece of tissue.

1. Line your lips, a pencil will give a more precise line.

matte lips fashionpheeva.JPG2
2. Fill the rest of your lips in with the lipstick, beginning in the middle and ensuring the color goes all the way out to the edges.
matte lips fashionpheeva.JPG3
3. Tear the tissue into a piece just big enough to cover your mouth. Peel one layer of the tissue off so it becomes thin and almost see-through. Apply some translucent powder to your brush, and lightly dust it over the back of the tissue.
matte lips fashionpheeva.JPG1
4. Once you peel the tissue away, the glossiness of the lipstick will be gone.
fashion pheeva makeup.jpg6.rtfmatte lips
Voilà matte lips.

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