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(Photos) 7 Nail Colours And Styles, What They Say About You


(Photos) 7 Nail Colours And Styles, What They Say About You

It is common belief that out clothes say a lot about our personality but I can bet most women don’t know that their choice of nail colour and design also speak volumes. Check out these seven nail colours and styles can say about your personality.

Red Nails

red nails fashion pheeva

Red is a very bold and daring colour so when you have fire engine-red nails you are seen as an outgoing and confident person.

Pink Nails

pink nails fashion pheeva

Pink polish shows you have a feminine personality and your enjoy your girly side. There is also a flirty side to you.


black nails fashion pheeva

Black signifies the wild side, someone willing to live on the edge. Black signifies you have a life full of excitement. The same goes for dark blue

Nail Wraps

nail wraps fashion pheeva

Having on designs like cheetah, polka dots or lace speaks of a trendy and fashionable personality. You are an attention lover and you adore the spotlight.

Chipped Nails

chipped nails fashion pheeva

When you have chipped nails, there is only one explanation for it, you are a diva! A diva is a female version of the hustler. You have a very busy life and there is not much time in it for relaxation.

Painted Designs and Sparkle Polish

sparkle nail polish

This nail style means you have a creative imagination and it is advisable to Choose this style when you want your nails to show off your artistic side!

Unpolished Nails

unpolished nails fashion pheeva

Leaving your nails as they are lets others know that you are confident and unstressed about your appearance.


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