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[Photos] 6 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing A Ring Or An Engagement Ring

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[Photos] 6 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing A Ring Or An Engagement Ring

Never got the memo on when and where its safe to wear your rings? Well, here they are.

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Swim: Swimming in cold water, like an ocean or lake, can cause your fingers to shrink allowing the ring to slip off. The chlorine in some swimming pools can also cause damage to your ring especially if your in there for a long time.

Gardening: You have to avoid the hidden rocks in dirt from chipping the diamond or knocking the setting loose–or remove it all together.

Clean In General: Bleach and other household cleansers can damage the ring, some cleaners can even change the color of the diamond itself. So, always wear protective gloves or remove your ring altogether

Put On Lotion: Believe it or not, excessive build-up of heavy makeup, lotion, or creams can dull the stones in your ring. Also, note that hairspray can eat away at gold .

Operate Heavy Machinery: If you have a job that involves manual labor, like construction work, keep your ring at home in a safe place. This will help avoid breaks, splits, cracks, and looseness.

Sleep: Depending on the shape and size of your ring, wearing it to sleep at night can be a bad idea. If you have an over-sized stone with lots of edges, remove it before going to bed and avoid scratching you or your bed partner’s face in the night.

If and when you remove your ring for any reason, keep it in a safe place, like the ring box it came in (if you’re traveling), a jewelry box (if you’re at home), or on a ring holder. Do this especially if your ring is an engagement ring.

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