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Every girl has at least one nail polish in her beauty collection, it has many other uses too.. find out more.

nailpolish fashionpheeva

1) Add a touch of glamour to your shoes.

If you want to paint your initials on them or you want to make the tip of your shoe white or pink, use a tape to cover the part of your shoe that you don’t want to paint on, then use nail polish brush, paint brush or sponge to paint the color onto your shoe, finish up with the top coat, wait till it dries and you are done.

2) You can use different nail polish colors to make custom-made jewelry.

You can match your earrings with your bracelet and necklace painting them all with similar patterns, or make your own paintings on your jewels using nail polishes of different colors.

3) You can easily seal your envelopes using clear nail polish

Instead of running saliva over the edge of the envelope, you can easily use clear nail polish to achieve it.

4) Add a touch of glamour to your makeup brushes using nail polish. It’s a very easy and creative way to make your makeup brushes look cute and original – just paint them with special patterns that inspire you the most and make them look like one unique makeup set.

5) If you have beautiful earrings but you are allergic to that metal – try to coat the part of your earrings that touches your skin with a clear nail polish, wait till it dries and try to put your earrings on – you should have no allergic reaction any more!

6) Use clear nail polish for easy needle threading. Just apply some nail polish on the cut thread and then roll it between your fingers to make it dry quickly, then you will see how easily thread will go through the needle’s eye.


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