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[Photos] 5 Tips On How To Retain The Length Of Your Natural Hair


[Photos] 5 Tips On How To Retain The Length Of Your Natural Hair

length rentention fashionpheeva 13-09-2015

Are you tired of the natural hair journey because your hair is not growing the way you want? Well, fret no more here are some tips on how to retain natural hair length.

1. Don’t touch your hair

length rentention fashionpheeva 13-09-2015.JPG5
Keep your hair back and out of your face either in braids, buns or twists will help relieve some of the temptation to touch your hair. If you want to keep it, don’t touch it that much.

2. Lay off the heat!

length rentention fashionpheeva 13-09-2015.JPG2
Every time you use heat on your hair, you are damaging it. Try going six months without using heat, just air-dry your hair, you will notice your hair will be much healthier and you will have better length retention.

3. Protective Styling

length rentention fashionpheeva 13-09-2015.JPG3
Protective styles are great for retaining length plus your hair will be protected from the environments weather for at least 3 weeks.
4. Finger Detangling

length rentention fashionpheeva 13-09-2015.JPG1
Finger detangling is best for fine hair or hair that’s prone to breakage. Protective styling is a great way to achieve this, plus you should use natural oils or conditioner in the detangling process to avoid breakage.

5. Get a Trim

length rentention fashionpheeva 13-09-2015.JPG4
Trimming your damaged ends can actually help in length retention journey. If your hair is in good shape, you should only need to trim once a year.

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