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[Photos] 5 Style Tips That Will Help You In Any Situation

Fashion Tips

[Photos] 5 Style Tips That Will Help You In Any Situation

style tips fashionpheeva 29-09-15

Everyone has their own personal style that reflects their personality. Let me share with you some of my favorite style tips that will help you look stylish and elegant in any situation..

1) Combine skinny jeans with large tops.

Large tops and big cardigans can look very feminine when you know how to wear them. So, when you wear a large top combine it with a loose cardigan and skinny jeans, this way your figure won’t be completely hidden.

style tips fashionpheeva 29-09-15.JPG1

2) Wear “BIG” accessories, but not too many of them, one or two is enough.

When a lady wears big ring or big bracelet, it makes her outfit look elegant and “put together” right away. Massive watches can also add sophistication to your look; when your wear a massive watch, it makes people think that you borrowed it from your boyfriend. Don’t be afraid to wear big belt or large bag, all these “huge” accessories look very trendy and elegant, but don’t wear all of them at once, one or two is enough!

style tips fashionpheeva 29-09-15.JPG2

3) Find a good clutch.

Chose the clutch that you will be able to wear during the day and also, when you go out in the evening. For example, if you chose a clutch of metallic, silvery color, it will add glamour to your daytime t-shirt and jeans, and will also blend well with your elegant evening dress.

style tips fashionpheeva 29-09-15.JPG4

4) Chose stylish and original jackets instead of ordinary ones.

While creating your basic wardrobe, instead of buying black or dark blue jackets, chose an original and interesting one. Pick up a jacket with sophisticated design, texture or color. This type of jacket will add a trendy note and originality to any look and will make your outfits’ combinations appear very fashionable with no effort.

style tips fashionpheeva 29-09-15.JPG3

5) Little black dress should have its special place in our wardrobe.

Little black dress (LBD), you can rock LBD in so many different ways: you can combine it with one or multiple colors, wear it with or without jacket, and use it as a perfect “canvas” for statement accessories. Little black dress is definitely a “must have” of the wardrobe of a modern fashionista.

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