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(Photos) 5 Modern Ways To Wear Scarves

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(Photos) 5 Modern Ways To Wear Scarves

Many a women will consider scarves as just a way of covering untidy hair or keeping you hair out of your way when in truth you can actually use a scarf to add spice to your outfit. Check out these modern ways of wearing hair scarves

Keep It Simple

scarf simple fashionpheeva

You don’t have to wear your scarf in any fancy way, you can simply roll it up tossed around the hair and knotted at the top of the head.

Wear As Hair Band

scarf as hair band fashionpheeva

I did an article on hair bands recently, scarves can be used as hair bands, use your scarf to tie your hair together rather than the usual elastic band


Make A Statement

scarf statement fashionoheeva

You can make a bold statement with a your scarf, knot your scarf on top in the biggest, tangliest bow possible. Hint: rock bold lipstick to help the look


The Hippie Look

scarf head band fashion pheeva

You can also go for the hippie look which was especially popular back in 2013. Tie a scarf around your forehead, leaving your hair loose and long.


Wear As A Turban

scarf turban fashionpheeva

You can also wear your scarf as a turban using a brightly coloured scarf and depending on your style, you can either cover your hair fully or let some dangle out the front.

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