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[Photos] 5 Manicure Tips To Make Your Nails Look Younger


[Photos] 5 Manicure Tips To Make Your Nails Look Younger

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Women’s hands look younger when adorned with nail polish, here’s how you can keep your nails healthy and pretty with these 5 manicure tips.

– Using a rough nail file can weaken your nails, leading to splitting and peeling

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– Filing the sides weakens nails, keep nails no longer than ¼ inch beyond your fingertips for a more youthful appearance.

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– Stop snipping your cuticle, they protect the nail’s growth center, try moisturizing cuticles and push them back

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– Always apply a base coat before any colored polish especially if you’re using a darker shade, which is more likely to cause harmless stains

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– Start by taking off old polish with a non-acetone remover, acetone dries out your nails.

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