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[Photos] 4 Tips On How To Style Your Brogues

Fashion Tips

[Photos] 4 Tips On How To Style Your Brogues

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015

Brogues aren’t for boys only, girls can rock the stylish footwear too, here’s how to incorporate brogues into your closet.

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG11


brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG5

– Always flash a bit of ankle when you’re wearing brogues. Wear with above-the-knee skirts, dresses or shorts.

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG3

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG1

– If you’ve got wide-legged tailored pants in your wardrobe, consider rocking this look.

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG2

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG7

– Wear your brogues with boyfriend blazers and jeans for sophisticated tomboy look.

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG8

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG4

– Balance the masculinity of the shoe with feminine touches. Pretty jewellery, a floppy hat, bright lipstick, floral prints etc…

brogues fasshionpheeva 18-09-2015.JPG6

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