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[PHOTOS] Ripped Jeans: Why Didn’t I Think of That?!

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[PHOTOS] Ripped Jeans: Why Didn’t I Think of That?!

Wearing ripped jeans is cool but another way to mix it up is by wearing tights underneath. Tights under ripped jeans are a pretty ensemble and a great way to stay warm when cold.

thights in ripped

thights in ripped.jpg1

tights in ripped 4.jpg3

tights in ripped 4

thights in ripped.jpg11

thights in ripped.jpg9

thights in ripped.jpg8


thights in ripped.jpg2

thights in ripped.jpg3

You could do this with any pair of tights depending on your style, but I do love the lace. For a more casual look, perhaps just a pair of plain tights would do.

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