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Photo Guide On How To Tie A Gentleman’s Bowtie

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Photo Guide On How To Tie A Gentleman’s Bowtie

The bowtie is one fashion piece that cannot be ignored when it comes to men’s dressing. It can be worn for formal events or simply used to touch up a boring outfit. Learn how to tie the perfect gentleman’s bowtie with these easy to follow photos

Get the right length for your  neck, neither too long nor too short


Form a loop and pull the long end back while keeping the other end cut off right at the end, resting on your neck right by the collar of your



With the shorter end, fold it into the general shape of the bowtie and bring down the longer end.


Using the slack from the longer end, bring the second tail behind the first one.

How to tie a bowtie

Now fold the second tail the same way as described with the first.


The newly folded end will then be pinched and pulled through the knot you formed when first wrapping the bowtie around your neck.

bowtie6 bowtie7

Keep in mind that since the bowtie is adjusted to your neck, there shouldn’t be too much slack but you should be able to pinch and pull the second end through the loop and after adjusting it in a mirror, you  are good to go. Your very own bowtie tied with your hands.


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