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Omowunmi Akinnifesi – ”If You Want To Do Fashion Then Do fashion, Stop Pretending To Be Who You Are Not By Studying Medicine”

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Omowunmi Akinnifesi – ”If You Want To Do Fashion Then Do fashion, Stop Pretending To Be Who You Are Not By Studying Medicine”


Ex MBGN 2005 winner, Omowunmi Akinnifesi, has moved on to greater things since winning the beauty pageant.

The environmental ambassador, who just launched her clothing line speaks about her latest fashion venture and her advice to young girls out there in a recent chat with Vanguard Allure.

On The Inspiration Behind The Line

”The first collection consisted of clothing in pinks, reds, blacks, and whites with inspiration gathered for city living hence, we called it ‘The Urban Movement: Define your own path’. Urban is anything fresh new and vibrant while constantly evolving and in ‘movement’. We wanted people to feel the vibe of the collection. Our campaign photos show girls jumping, happy and in movement, while still being playful. Some other photos showed serious minded women who are still trendy and urbane. We also included ‘Define your own path’ because we want women to be themselves and portray the strength in them. It is okay to be a family woman and still be busy, it’s okay to be an intellectual, it’s okay to have substance and it’s okay to be an Omowunmi woman”

On Her Focus Market

”Our focus market is for the woman with a social lifestyle. A woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to walk the journey destined for her. For now, we target just women but we hope to do men’s line later.

Could you tell us a bit about it? The Omowunmi clothing is a ready-to-wear brand for women with social lifestyle. About 70% of our garments can be worn from day to night. An Omowunmi woman is one who leaves her home on a busy day for the office or entrepreneurial duties and may have a conference, lunch with friends, a meeting at the office, dinner with friends or even a party after a long day. One outfit can be worn for many occasions and she doesn’t have to go home to change what she went out with in the morning. We have our first collection and would be releasing our second collection soon. We stock at various stores in the country. Our clothing can be found at the Polo Avenue for now”


Her Beauty Secret

”My beauty secret is living a peaceful life without keeping malice or grudges with people. Let us just say I sleep well at night with a peaceful mind. Like I said, beauty comes from within. I make sure I have a clear conscience so I can radiate grace in all my doings”

Her Advice To Young Women Who Aspire To Be Like Her

”Young women should look within and decide what they want to do regardless of what anyone thinks about it. You cannot live your life based on what you think people would think about it. If you want to do fashion, then do fashion. People say it is a competitive market but still do it if it is your calling and stop pretending to be who you are not by studying medicine. Do what is in your heart to do and seek for mentors that can guide you. Ask many questions and never be shy to look stupid”

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