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Oge Okoye’s Outfit To Church Causes A Big Stir On Social Media

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Oge Okoye’s Outfit To Church Causes A Big Stir On Social Media

Oge Okoye-1

Oge Okoye, stepped out in this black fitted dress with a plunging V neckline to church and her fans are having none of it!

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See the full outfit and some comments below:

Oge Okoye-2

  • chrisifunanyaDecent dressing doesn’t hurt. This dress isn’t good for any ocassion Ma’am. People should really check up the meaning of the word ‘judge’ before using it because all I see here is the abuse of that word. How will one learn if you don’t correct him/her? Though I don’t agree with people being harsh with their views or corrections, but that person who doesn’t tell you when you are getting it wrong does not mean well for you. We all learn everyday.#Peace
  • monday_benWith dat kind of dress i don’t no what u guys take God 4 again. End time
  • markvinsaintYou one go worship God your cleavage dey show .. Nigerian pastors don suffer for this girls of nowadays hand!!!
  • omoosegbeJesus is lord oh
  • markvinsaintAbi una no know say ashawo na ashawo
  • markvinsaintIt runs in there veins and blood.. I pity that woman husband she go catch divided home is about to happen in one family as I speak let pray for that bitch.. Ashole
  • toks8031Y am i not surprised l,Ostentatious display of cleavage is the attribute of a hoe,u should be escorted out of the church,with ur legs like ostrich…mscheeeew
  • tansylauraUr very beautiful sweetie…but dat outfit is tooo revealing for worship
  • ditty09Improper dressing to church? Please always dress decently to the house of God. #advice 😇
  • lastb_menaks@ogeokoye Chai! Oge nwannem, u look just too00oo0000 sexy for church na. I’ve NEVER seen such dressing in western world’s church before. Holy spirit lives and dwells in u. I know u as a decent lady, nke a adiro nma, chaa chaa…dress moderately maka mgbe ozo, inugo nwanyi oma?. I wish u heaven @ last. Remain blessed beautiful soul 😘.
  • softoyo@oge dis ur boobs no bad oo!
  • parterankin@ogeokoye I don’t know what to tell u or advice u on, u just came out of ur house wearing dis pls didn’t u husband see u dis morning or his out of d country. Pls my dear l love u like a sister do, don’t wear dis type of cloth and go to church, what about our native wears, don’t u hear about d end-time.
  • frifavourRespect the presence of God..Are you ok my sister ,You need deliverance
  • mrwellz101Nope she ain’t pulling no1s legs Cos she actually went to Church in that seriously…If Y’all go Check her page that’s the 1st Church she attending &post for this Year so she actually went for A Gospel Photo shoot…. Oge pls tell me u didn’t sit in front Cos the pastor would def seen that juicy Clivs
  • zeezee_bangsWhat wrong with you guys? When someone is wrong u correct them respectfully… U guys are talking about respect God but it d same Bible that tells you about respect. Respect is not only for God but always for human being… Smh at u all… Some of you guys are doing worse u are just here to follow d crowd… How shameful it is u go to church see most of d ladies naked, u think is all about boobs. How about ur short dress with u legs out some of your girl friends dress like that and u like it and never complaint. Why there and why Oge? Smh… Please guys learn to correct or advise decently… We dont do that in SL🙌 my diva plsssssssss look over d dress code unit for every program or day. U should know it….
  • emmarsealCorrection is correction Biko what’s that! So people should kneel down to put her right abi? Cos she’s oge. Nne nwannem Biko this your dress no follow for church things you hear, alot of young people are looking up to you as there roll model. This is not what they should learn going to church half naked. We all wear stuffs like this but not to church my darling.
  • fdss_a@instablog9ja another free breast for you😂😂😂 @yvonnejegededon delete her own😭😭😭. Get your Vaseline ready guys😜😜😜
  • porshe0Beautiful and set
  • prince_ekuriI like the Cleavage
  • chidoc15_15Have you guys ever thought about *that she may stand up and get this dress/blouse pulled up in a normal position*…Sometimes the way you sit may give your clothe a pull down…Biko nu, let’s diversify all options before crucifying people. We all sin differently in God’s sight because even judging is a sin cos it is written boldly in the bible…*thou should not judge*
  • paulj_otcIts bitchy dressing this way to church. The truth is DAT we should dress decent regardless of where ur going…not actually my business or yours cos its her life. Its my opinion though.
  • iamspecial_ebonyGod don suffer chei .pls wat is d name of this church?
  • annborlynThank you @chrisidunanya. I wonder what this world has turned into that people take offence when corrected. @ogeokoye, biko strive to dress your age.
  • johnogbosoOge try and have the fear of God in you,ur dressing is bad.
  • aishah_creamWhen they keep saying religion is in their heart SMH 😂😂@haleema_shuaib
  • khalessi_brainy@amyangel31 Madam, Christ Embassy members DONT dress like that, do you understand???? If you see anyone dress like that to a Christ Embassy church, its either she is not a member. We have members and church comers… DONT mix it up.. My church doesn’t tolerate dressing like this.. Pls learn to get your facts straight before yarning some things…. Thank you.
  • uzee_conceptOhhhhh my GOD how I wish I can reply all this hypocrites? May GOD help us we blacks… I pass trw some stupid pples pics here they r even dressing worse dan what @ogeokoye is wearing but they come to som1 wall and write rubbish? Is in Nigeria I see that the the av respect for does we call our stars and it’s unfortunate… we’ll always do all to protect them…
  • smarteagle1This rather be a party cloth. If you want to worship God do it well. Unless your pastor is single and you have interest.
  • mavix4@julietmattew remove the spell in ur eyes first!! I just watch ur pics on ur dnt judge others cos u are not privilege to do so.#peace
  • omawumi_Even if she stands up and arranges the dress and everything is covered, it is still stupid to take a pic with your boobz exposed and say you’re going to church, especially when you’re a celeb and have plenty people following you, why can she nor arrange the dress before taking the pic? And there is obviously no arrangement that can cover her breast in that dress@chidoc15_15
  • virtueokerekePeople shuld learn to mind their business, for crying out loud if u don’t like wat she’s wearing u can scroll and pass the picture, besides you started following her. Nobody bought the cloth for her, she bought it with her own money..

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