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Natural Hairstyles You Can Rock To The Workplace Without Adding Extensions


Natural Hairstyles You Can Rock To The Workplace Without Adding Extensions

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Extensions are cool but then having the confidence to rock a natural hairstyle to the workplace is even cooler. Many women complain that they are unable to maintain their professional outlook while rocking their natural hair due to the way others might perceive them but truth is by observing your workplace, you can come up with suitable hairstyles for your office environment. Apart from weaves and braids, you can try out buns, twists and even fingercoils.

Below I have gotten samples of perfect natural hairstyles you can rock to the workplace while still maintaining your confidence and professionalism.

Tweeny Weenyy Afro (TWA)



There are different ways to rock your afro, it is all dependent on the length. You can wear it in flat twists, braids or single twists.

Low Buns

low buns

Whether sleeked back or braided, low buns are chic, simple and can definitely be dressed up.

Braided Updos

braided updo

If your hair is not very dense, then having a braided updo may work best rather than opting for a wig. Even if your hair is not very long, you can still rock an updo of twists and braids

Two-stranded Twists

Two-stranded Twists

The beauty of this is that it can help to stretch your hair and you can style them as twist-out. Throw in flat twists somewhere at the side or in front and you have a spiced up twist style.

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