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Poo: shampoo
Pre poo: this means to prep your hair for washing by rubbing oils some minutes or the night before a wash.
Co wash: washing with conditioner only.
Condish: conditioner
DC: Deep conditioner / deep conditioning
ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar
EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
EVCO: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Pro Con: Protein conditioner / protein conditioning.
TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro
BSL: Bra strap length
MBL: Mid back length
SL: Shoulder length
NL: Neck length
‘fro: Afro
Protective style: a hairstyle that’s done to reduce hair manipulation.
Pineapple: A way of packing the hair upward to maintain style.
BC: Big chop
Transitioning: A process of growing out natural hair without cutting out relaxed end altogether.
Creamy crack: Hair relaxer
Spray bottle: A container used to make a leave in mixture that has a spray head.
Leave in: a conditioner that should be used for hair care on a daily basis.
Scissor happy: Someone who likes to trim their hair.

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