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Monalisa Chinda’s Gorgeous Outfit To Church Got Her Fans Talking!

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Monalisa Chinda’s Gorgeous Outfit To Church Got Her Fans Talking!

Monalisa Chinda.12

Nollywood actress and TV Host, Monalisa Chinda, attended the RCCG Powerlink Parish Lekki on Sunday for the service rocking a gorgeous gold lace attire.

While some fans admired her outfit, some felt she should not have worn it to church.

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See another shot with Toyin Adewale below and some comments:

Monalisa Chinda and Toyin Adewale

  • masaplace01Nyc… but dressed like dis? 😯
  • yettytn@masaplace01 pls wat is wrong wit d dressing? In case m not seein wat ure seein
  • yomitb7The cloth is transparent
  • iamawee_@yomitb7 that’s d whole idea gurl…❤ it
  • lynadakuNice and pretty. ..though dressed like that to church hmmm…
  • victoriaokorieBeautiful as ever…but that dress to church though quite transparent.. but I love you
  • nneka_nwabunikeTo church or not to church, modesty is modesty! You can’t see this outfit is so revealing, you are not to be blamed. Even if you look closely, you can’t still see it. But dearest Monalisa, God is as interested in your soul as in your body. He loves you soo much all the same.
  • akanniblessingGoing to church dressed like this,may God have mercy on you
  • okerekerosemaryThe cloth is so transparent….blah blah blah…most of u wear worse to church and you’re here ratting your smelling holes…a beg lemme hear word….who turtle neck don epp
  • maryan_usmanThe truth can be very bitter at times but those of u supporting her may God have mercy on us all, our body is the temple of God, we should keep and respect it.
  • cossymillanyWhat’s wrong with her dress if I may ask? To me it’s very ok.#tongueouthaters#thumbsupmonalisacode#
  • indahmanliIf anyone has a problem with her outfit, y not go give her the one u think will work better. Instead of being brave lil haters from behind ur lil phone screens mschew. #sheisblessedbyGod. ✌
  • gold_lilianFine woman., you ‘re wonderfully made.I love u
  • trulygracedLike mother like daughter! Muahhhhh. It’s in d blood
  • monalisacodeThank you all for your nice comments, prayers and well wishes! Love you and God bless you
  • nwakaibeyagburugburuEvil Marines judging always evil Marines, the same people quoting Bible thou shall not judge end up judging people what a chameleonic world and when the truth and revelation is told about Jesus christ whom they claim to know is said they will never accept or agree? Only why we said no matter what anyone claims to be it is only at night that we know who is who evil or good
  • kacm_kiongoziall love
  • teammonalisachindaReading all these so called negative comments regarding her outfit. As the Lord rightfully said ‘Let you have not sinned cast the first stone..’ Shame on those who are yet sinners but are first to cast the first stone in condemning others…
  • teammonalisachinda@maryan_usmanwe hope you live as you preach. Our advice to you is to Let God be the judge over all not you. Thanks
  • teammonalisachinda@yomitb7 and it has a camisole underneath. Or maybe you’re not familiar with what that is
  • teammonalisachinda@yettytn help us ask oh my dear. Thanks
  • teammonalisachinda@mercyjunebornand who made you judge over another? We hope you live a saintly life as you try to portray. Let God be the judge over all not you.
  • teammonalisachinda@sisipeepi and lord save you the most for pointing a finger at others when you know you are worse
  • teammonalisachinda@ezinneone it’s not a bra it’s a camisole
  • teammonalisachinda@jewelshitan and you will be one of those He will leave behind because you try to judge others when you have not cleaned up yours to be good enough to be saved.
  • mercyjunebornHahahaha….omg!this is got it wrong,who am i to judge really?just that the outfit looks somehow to wear to the presence of God.I’m not a saint but i respect myself,all the same I’m very sorry if you feel offended ma
  • nkeiru86The dress looks fine to me, and beside what do you expect her to where under the dress? That looks like a camisole.
  • teammonalisachinda@mercyjunebornsince you respect yourself and you’re not a saint please leave the recommendations out. Nobody recommend what you were right?

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