Men’s Grooming: Simple Shaving Tips To Get The Perfect Shave

On Sunday, July 5th, 2015

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Having a smooth shave without cuts and nicks can be a tricky challenge, these simple shaving tips will guide you on how to do the job properly.

  • Don’t attempt to shave any hard-to-reach places yourself! No good can ever come of this.
  • Shave in the shower – the steam and hot water will plump up the hair shafts making them softer and easier to cut.
  • As you would when shaving your face, use plenty of shaving gel or cream and always shave with the direction of hair growth.
  • To make shaving easier, trim the hairs back as much as you can first using a beard trimmer, hair clippers or a body hair groomer.
  • Minimise the risk of ingrown hairs by exfoliating skin with a body scrub twice a week afterwards or invest in a pair of exfoliating gloves like.
  • To soothe skin, use a post-shave balm afterwards, like you would on your face. This can be used to prevent annoying ingrown hairs.
  • For a slightly more natural look, trim your body hair using a body hair trimmer instead of shaving it.

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  1. nihat says:

    Very helpful tip. Thanks for sharing

  2. Shaving while taking a shower keeps the hair properly soaked in water making it easier to cut. Good read.

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