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Men: 8 Hot Weather Essentials You Should Have

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Men: 8 Hot Weather Essentials You Should Have

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Whether it’s the fabric composition, a play on a classic silhouette, or the addition of a bit more color, here are eight hot-weather essentials, with a twist.

Unlined Jacket

If you are the type that can’t do without a suit even if the weather is hot then your safest bet is to get an unlined or partially lined jacket. You have more ventilation and it can keep you cooler longer.

The Right Polo

The right polo helps you to sweat as little as possible and even if you do sweat then your shirt isn’t soaked. Get the polo that helps you achieve that.

Lightweight Cardigan

The hot weather is not really the time you want to put on too many layers of clothing. For those periods when it’s really hot during the day and tends to dip at night into chilly mornings, then grab a lightweight cardigan and you are set for anything that mother nature throws your way.

Summer Loafers

Summer loafers are super versatile. You can wear them with trousers as well as with denim, chinos, even shorts.

Fresh Belt

We’re used to adding a bit of color with ties, socks, and pocket squares, but we tend to overlook our belts, instead opting for basic brown or black. You’ll find a wide array of styles, from braided cotton to striped ribbon belts.

No-show Socks

The no-show style keeps your look fresh, and the socks themselves keep your feet and shoes fresh. Win-win situation if you ask me as they also help with odour absorption.

Good Undies

You won’t know what you’re missing out on until you buy an awesome pair of underwear. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable fabric, these won’t stretch out like regular cotton, and you can wash them in the sink if you’re in a pinch and they’ll be dry in a few hours.

Classic Shades

What better way to block out the sun than with a good pair of sunshades? You can read about how to pick the right sunshades from my previous article.

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