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Men: 7 Common Habits Of Stylish Gents

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Men: 7 Common Habits Of Stylish Gents

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While some guys find it easy to look good in just jeans others, some can’t even manage to look decent in suit. What sets these individuals apart? There are some common habits stylish gents have that you can emulate. Here’s a list, along with my tips on implementing these habits in your daily life and becoming the confident, stylish man you want to be.

They don’t have a closet full of “comfy” clothes

How do you dress impeccably day in and day out? Simple: don’t give yourself an option to do otherwise. You don’t always have to be formally dressed, but it’s best not to make a habit of looking sloppy, even around the house.

They buy pieces that get better with age

Besides saving cash and being less wasteful, buying pieces built to last  will give you an incredible aura of style. Well-worn items send the message that you know exactly where to spend your money.

Natural materials are the name of the game. Leather, denim, canvas, and wool all tend to develop a beautiful patina with normal use.

They always “get dressed”

Stylish people make it a point to get dressed everyday, even on the weekends. They don’t lounge around until noon and then decide to stay in because they aren’t ready. When you always look presentable, you’ll never have to miss an opportunity to grab an impromptu drink with friends, talk to that cute girl in the supermarket, or chat with a prospective business partner.

They’re never “up to the minute”

Stylish people always find the middle ground. They’re up-to-date  without being too trendy. They’re classically dressed without appearing stuffy. Fashion changes so fast, especially with the internet, that trying to keep up will leave you broke and exhausted. The goal should be to dress in a way that doesn’t make you embarrassed of old photos.

They dress like themselves, not like any certain celebrity

Stylish people take inspiration, but never blindly follow. Developing personal style is the most difficult part of being well dressed. Throwing money around to look like so-and-so is easy, but you’ll never really feel like yourself.

They aren’t label fanatics

Stylish people know that specific labels can give you general ideas about fit and quality, but won’t guarantee sartorial success. They also don’t buy pieces that are shamelessly branded. No one should be able to tell what brands or designers you’re wearing at first glance. A truly stylish wardrobe is one of diversity.

They’re comfortable in their clothes

This statement is two-fold. Stylish people take great care to make sure their clothes fit properly and are physically comfortable. But they’re also comfortable with themselves. They’re confident.



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