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MBGN Unoaku Anyadike – ”I Do Not Like To Reveal My Body Because It Is The Temple Of The Lord”

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MBGN Unoaku Anyadike – ”I Do Not Like To Reveal My Body Because It Is The Temple Of The Lord”

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Unoaku Anyadike, talks about her personal fashion style, bleaching, heavy make up, tattoos and piercings and why she avoids revealing clothes because her body is temple of the Lord.

Read the interesting excerpts from interview with PUNCH:

On being a fashion inclined person

I would not say that I have always been fashion inclined hundred per cent. I just like to stand out and wear what I think is good on me and feel comfortable in it. I will not wear what is trending especially if it makes me uncomfortable. If I don’t like it, I will not wear it.

On following trends

No I don’t follow trends. If it comes and I like it; feel good, comfortable and it complements my looks, then I may indulge in it. I just wear what I feel comfortable in

On what she will never be caught wearing

I would never be caught wearing leggings with a short top. I hate that outfit even though a lot of people wear it. I think it is awful and that is one thing I know I would never be caught wearing.


On her preference for long dresses

Is there a reason for wearing short and revealing dresses? I know girls do it but that is not me. It does not depict my kind of person. I do not like to reveal my body because it is the temple of the Lord. Why should I reveal my body?

The trend now is bleaching, as a dark complexioned girl, have you ever considered that?

I have never at any point thought I should be fairer than the way God created me. I don’t think it is a good trend for people to follow. Who says you are not beautiful the way you were created? Who says you must be fair to be beautiful? It is not a good thing to bleach at all.

On her fashion fetish

I think it is perfumes because I love to smell good. I rather get a compliment about my smell than my shoes.

On the fashion item she cannot leave home without

To be honest, I don’t have. I wanted to say my eyeliner but I have left the house so many times without it. I am not a big fan of make-up. I can’t leave my house naked so I think it is going to be my clothes. I can’t leave home without my clothes.


Why don’t you like make up when that is the craze of the moment among ladies?

I apply make-up on my face only when it is absolutely necessary and that is because the make-up artistes always tell me that I need the make-up because of the lights and camera. Most times when they want to do my make-up, I ask them not to apply foundation but they say on television, they get all the angles so I need the foundation for the contours and highlights. If I had my way, I would just go out in a simple and plain way. I can do make up but a very light one. I don’t like make-up that makes you look completely different. I like something that compliments me. There are some people that heavy make-up does not work for. Every girl needs to know what suits their body, I know what suits mine and heavy make-up does not look good on me. People tell me especially my mother and sisters. I am not a big fan of make-up.

It seems you don’t have tattoos and extra piercings, is it intentional?

I only have the piercing I was given as a child. I don’t like extra piercing. I am okay with the one that I have. Tattoos are not just for me.



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