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Ladies: Here Are Steps To Getting Naturally Fuller And Gorgeous Eyebrows


Ladies: Here Are Steps To Getting Naturally Fuller And Gorgeous Eyebrows

Full and thick brows enhance your feature and even take a few years off your face. But if you weren’t blessed with naturally full brows or if you’ve overplucked your brows, here are some tricks which will help you get naturally fuller and gorgeous brows.

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Pluck for precision. Of all the hair-removal methods, tweezing is said to be the best. By taking out one hair at a time, you achieve the most accurate results.

Waxing can burn and stretch your skin, and threading can cause ingrown hairs and redness. Choose a pair of stainless steel slanted tweezers so you can pull out the hair as close to the root as possible.

Do it yourself. Shaping your own brows saves you time and money, but it also puts you in control. No one is more protective of your brows than you are.

Fill in first. Before tweezing, trace over your brows. This will prevent you from removing too many hairs.  Use an angled brow pencil in a shade that’s similar to your hair color (if you have highlights, match the darkest shade).

To locate where your brow should start, find the top of the bridge of your nasal bone. Many women make the mistake of lining up the front of their brows with their nostrils; doing so makes their brows too short and their features look wide.

Draw feathery, quarter-inch strokes to fill in your brows. When you’re three-quarters of the way through, create your arch, which should be the highest peak of your brow. To determine the perfect shape, gently lift the skin above each brow so you can get an idea of how dramatic you want your arch to be. Pencil in above your brows to match the lifted look you want. A flattering arch is soft and makes your eye area look open. Line up a pencil with the outer corner of your eye to find where your brows should end.

Stop obsessing. The number-one mistake women make is scrutinizing their brows. To prevent overdoing your brows, pluck them in a room that has overhead lighting; it’s softer than superbright vanity lights or natural light, which expose every hair.

Tweeze with ease. After you’ve filled in your brows, pick up your tweezers. Pluck any stray hairs that are between your brows. Then, pluck underneath the arch of one brow. After removing only three hairs, move to the other brow. Repeat this process until you’ve achieved your desired shape.

Remember, less is more, if you have a gap, fill it in with pencil instead of plucking around it to even it out. This will buy you time until your brow grows. Next, pluck only those hairs that are clearly above your brow. These hairs take a long time to grow back, and if you pluck too many, your brows will look flat.

Finally, using a spoolie, brush your brows upward. If any hairs are too long, trim the tips at an upward angle using flat scissors.

Dare to go bare. When applying moisturizer, skip your brow area. The cream weakens the hair follicle and can stunt hair growth and even cause shedding. For an everyday look, lightly pencil in your brows, then brush them upward. If you use too much pencil, remove the excess with a cotton swab.


Article source: Celebrity brow guru, Sania Vucetaj

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