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Kehinde Bankole – ”I Don’t See Myself As A Fashion Trendsetter”

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Kehinde Bankole – ”I Don’t See Myself As A Fashion Trendsetter”

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Award winning Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole, in an interesting chat, speaks about her fashion preferences, her fashion fetish and going without make-up.

Read excerpts from her recent chat with Punch.

Why is it that you hardly wear native attire?

It is because they don’t make me comfortable. I like to be comfortable when I dress and I don’t get that whenever I wear native attire. I tie my wrapper to the right while ideally I ought to tie it to the left. Also, to walk in native attire can be very stressful. If the occasion does not call for it, then I try to avoid it and go for something that would be more comfortable.

It means you do not like headgears…

I don’t because tying one gives me a headache. I am sure it does not happen to me alone. I like the way it looks but I hate the way it makes me feel. I only wear it for traditional weddings and the likes but I am not a big fan.

What is your Fashion fetish?

I love perfume and sometimes I go crazy over shoes. When it comes to perfume, I do not stick to only one brand. Once I hear that there is a new fragrance in town, I just go and get it. Most of the gifts I get are perfumes, so it does not make me stick to a particular brand. I just need to know that the fragrance is not strong. If it is nice and mild, then I would go for it.

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Do you see yourself as a trend setter or you follow trends?

I don’t see myself as either of the two; I like to see myself as a comfortable dresser.

What clothes suit you the most?

I would say that all I consider is my comfort and the colours of the dress. I would not sacrifice my comfort for anything and that is what guides my style.

What is the fashion item you cannot leave home without?

If I forget to spray my perfume or use my mascara, I would have to go back home and apply them.

Is applying make-up mandatory for you?

Certainly not; make-up is not mandatory for me because of my skin, I have to open up my pores for them to breathe. Also, you need people to see you without make-up often so that you don’t shock them when they eventually see you without applying make-up. It also helps to build one’s confidence. You are a happy person with or without make-up and you do not hide from people simply because you did not apply make-up. Like the name implies, make-up, it means you are making up for the things you lack. It is just to complete little details on your face and not for a complete makeover. It helps when you are without make-up because it would make you comfortable in your own skin. I don’t apply make-up on my face every day.


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